Charlotte Metropolitan Black Pages 1991


CBP's African American Business Directory 1992


Fayetteville Metropolitan Black Pages 1994

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Since 1991

Our publications have focused on economic development in the black community

Sooooooo, where are all of those Black-owned businesses and organizations.

In 2014 we expanded our reach to a WORLDWIDE market encouraging everyone to buy black!  The end result will be less turn-over of the Black dollar and thus an increased time period whereas those funds will be put to good use rebuilding our neighborhood schools, churches, businesses, infrastructure, etc…

Crime will also dramatically decrease due to negative factors that plague our communities as a direct result of poor living and working conditions, a constant feeling of low self-esteem, deflated dignity, a lower level of education, inferior self-worth, and a host of other issues directly related to a much lower level of economics.


Publisher Juan D. "Jay" Whipple
Publisher Juan D. “Jay” Whipple